Welcome! George Washington Carver High School for The Sciences (GWCHSS) is dedicated to increasing the knowledge, skills and opportunities for every student. And we know that when we help our students to develop self-direction and resilience, avoid risky behaviors and find help to overcome challenges, academic performance improves. This website provides resources for GWCHSS parents, advisory leaders, teachers and student leaders to join in and support that mission. Click on the boxes above for news updates on activities at our school, for a school directory or course catalog, to find advisory resources, and to learn more about our Dream Leaders program and participation in the Expanded Success Initiative.

In partnership with the Connect With Kids Education Network, you will also find compelling evidence-based videos, with activities, discussion questions for both our school Advisory and Dream Leader programs, and Family Viewing Guides for conversations at home. To access password-protected videos, click Sign Up to create your own user name and password. Then complete the requested information form, including our organization code. (If you need that code, please Click here.) With your user name and password, you can log in anytime, day or night.

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