Peer Leaders

  • Peer Leaders
  • We know that the more connected our students are to our school, the better they will do in the ways we track success: grades, attendance, discipline and test scores. How can we work to create authentic student connections – student to student and between students and our faculty?It is our goal that our student Peer Leaders will help to create those bridges in regular GWC Advisories. Advisory sessions provide the opportunity to create a caring community that can explore together issues and decisions that impact personal responsibility, integrity, and positive decision-making for today and the future. It is our goal that our GWC Peer Leaders will serve as positive role models at each grade level, helping to facilitate discussion, encourage participation, engage their peers, and assist Advisory teachers. These program elements, including video segments, discussion questions and activities, provide a roadmap to help develop positive Peer Leaders and peer leadership.

    GWC Peer Leaders Programming Guide