Classroom Toolkit

 GWC is dedicated to supporting the academic, developmental and lifelong success of Black and Latino male students, by focusing on key areas such as academic motivation; culturally-relevant learning; finding a mentor; avoiding high-risk behaviors; preparing for college and career, among many others. The goal is to transform the way students think about themselves and to ensure they have positive choices for their college and/or career path.

In the videos below, real students share their true stories of struggle and triumph … overcoming obstacles … and how sometimes all it takes is one person to believe in you to turn your life around. The videos’ correlating lesson plans include discussion and self-reflection questions and student activities, using the Mutual Aid Model in which peers can learn from each other under the facilitation of an adult advisor. Studies show that these evidence-based videos change student behavior, help students connect emotionally, and motivate students through culturally-relevant positive stories.

Single Topic Videos with Discussions and/or Lesson Plans

According to experts, culturally responsive education “is a student-centered approach to teaching in which the students’ unique cultural strengths are identified and nurtured to promote student achievement and a sense of well-being about the student’s cultural place in the world.” (Huffington Post, 2011) It empowers students by respecting their identity and interests as central to the learning process.