Expanded Success Initiative (ESI)

  • George Washington Carver High School For The Sciences is honored to be one of 40 schools selected to participate in the Expanded Success Initiative (ESI). Our ESI programs focus on building the academic and social success of African American and Latino males so that they feel supported and have positive options for post-secondary education and careers. We take to heart the ESI goals of providing culturally-relevant learning and social and emotional youth development programs.

    What is ESI? The Expanded Success Initiative uses new ideas and creative solutions to help increase the number of Black and Latino young men who graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college and careers. Why focus on this now? The need is real: In NYC half of all Black and Latino male students don’t graduate high school. Of the young men who do, only 9 percent are prepared for college coursework. The goal of ESI is tgo develop breakthrough practices, culturally-relevant environments and new school models to ensure that Black and Latino young men graduate high school fully prepared to succeed in college and careers.

    Please click on the boxes to the right for more ESI resources. Have more questions? Please email or call our Deborah Blair at 718-525-6439 .